Hollywood Poser Blues is self explanatory - music KevC/lyrics Alisa

Kelp by 7 Seconds of Love, their website is rathergood
bulger written/produced KevC



Brand New Cadillac by The Go Getters

Rockabilly from Västerås, Sweden / they sound west coast US, somewhere south of LA, 3 am late 1970's biker bar at the beach


walking in sri lanka by KevC

Stripper Factory

walking in damascus

Swamp Dingo written / produced by KevC - from Portion of Space

I Have Gots 2 Blow by Kev Kenestetic is a lil number about schnizzz / Kev is from NoHo in LA

he's on MySpace

and Facebook


Not Tonight

by Pope Jane - music Paul Houston, lyrics Danielle Egnew

Eat Shit and Die by Asshole Junkies they're from Brooklyn, found them on MySpace / fine young gents / I especially like Acoustic Jerkoff
Belle Epoque music/lyrics - Rebecca Kyler Downs from her album Love Me Like Candy
3 Blue Dogs written/produced - KevC
Mushroom Belly written/produced - KevC
    Pool Party KevC  
Love Me Like Candy music/lyrics - Rebbeca Kyler Downs

Stoned Again @ Burger King is from the Mouse Tapes - from the double album - King Pin / he's getting through another shitty day at his dead end job. Music/Lyrics News Boy Legion

Mouse Can’t Tap is an installment of 'The Mouse Tapes.' In this one KevC, Hag, Alisa, Y and Mouse get together in KevCs lil studio to compose a track - Mouse tries to hook up some beats - gets bored (he can’t tap) and goes to snore on the sofa - this is what he is dreaming.
Life Is Fine When You're on Acid music/lyrics, Newsboy Legion
Cool and Keen is about Mouse having a good day - He’s cool he’s keen he’s peaceful and joyful - music KevC/lyrics Alisa
Suction Boy is an email Mouse sent to his long lost father - so moving - it had to be put to music - KevC, Y & Alisa did spoken word like beat poets from the 50's, music KevC / lyrics Mouse

Burt Lick the Lishna Weenay is an ode to Bacarat / Debbie luvs Burt - music KevC and Burt /lyrics Alisa and Burt

Manta Ray Bite Me Foot

Live reggae (well, kinda reggae) done in our Anaheim shack, 1988 Music KevC Lyrics Alisa

Folsom Prison music/lyrics Johnny Cash, performed by Country Legion

A bar in Smallville was having a Country Music Battle of the Bands. None of us knew any country but I signed us up anyway - small town boredom - it killed a Saturday night.

The winners got a hundred bucks or something / each band performed 3 songs. We did Georgia by Ray Charles and Kansas City Here I Come, both blues, but figured - hey close enough.

Our singer Paul wanted to do a Cash song. He wrote down the words to Folsom and taped them to his mic stand – he used red ink. The bar had red lights on the stage - disappearing ink. Result? Hilarious, so glad we taped it.

We didn't win, or did we? KevC thinks we did, I remember something like coming in 3rd, drinking more than we won and making a run for it. But maybe that was the Blues Brothers.

We were invited back to perform the following week but no one could stand the thought of actually learning a country set so we respectfully declined.

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