baltimore, WBC fotos by

alisa christensen

stayed at the marriot on the warf / took a water taxi sight seeing
still a few cool old bldgs left / wednesday nite Tori Amos had a concert at the bandstand across the water
She was lovely / but the teeny mic on my camera isn't made 4 concerts so just take my word 4 it
the aquarium
'Gaining Expression Through Art Therapy' was funny. It's used mainly with young traumatized kids; many have difficulty expressing themselves vocally. Left 2 right, Nancy, Me, John...

Over 650 people attended this year, I think Taiwan was the farthest represented. Burn survivors, their friends & family, nurses, doctors and therapists and cant forget Fire Fighters. (yum pop)

Saturday closing night ceremony / dinner, drinks, dance / there was a band playing Lynard Skynard and other attrocities - when the DJ finally kicked in everyone whooped! and hit the dance floor.

75 people doing a spontaneous electric slide of relief? I had to laugh. Good fun, Next year, Sacramento.

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